Thursday, April 3, 2008

New route

Today I did a 7 miler with 3 at tempo pace. It had potential to be a real good run. But I had a few problems. First I hadnt run this route before, I had done it has a 6 miler so I knew most of it. Its a out and back so figuring out where exactly to turn around. Plus in the warm up theres a huge hill. I took it real easy on the hill. Then I started the tempo part and figured I would try to run it between 9:00 and 9:15 pace. I ended up doign the 3 in 27:58 so I was close. Of course I think it was slanted more then I realized. Then I had same problem I did last time I ran from park, the runners trot. Didnt happen till last mile so guess I was lucky and made it home in time. Just ruins a good run.

Im signed up for a 5K on Saturday and while im not actually training for it and not going to taper but going to go all out in it. I dont think I will have a good time per se because its a real hilly tough course. Great way to get a speed workout for the marathon.

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