Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today I got in 12 miles at Mill Creek Park. Overall a good run, but it rained most of the time, was a dreary 55*. Blah. I seemed to wake up with a headache and its hung around all day.

This week I totaled 33.5 miles, longest run was the 12 today. Did a tough hill run thursday so some sort of speedwork. Overall I just didn't feel it was a great week. I do think if I can get a good week in this week I should be in good shape. Either way I have to be ready, I start the taper in a week. I plan to run about 45 miles, with a long run of 21 on Sunday. I want to do some sort of speedwork, intervals or tempo, whichever is fine. I hope to do a mid week 8 miler also. Overall I think this year has gone better then last year. May 18th we will find out if it pays off.

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