Tuesday, April 1, 2008

6.5 mile Tuesday

I got in 6.5 miles this afternoon. I actually didn't feel has bad has I thought I might. I held a good pace, maybe there is something in those "recovery" runs.

I got an email from president of the local road runners club (Ok it was sent to all members that gave their email address) saying they were going to start a Fall half marathon this year. They have a winter one held in begining of March I have done the last 3 years (4 if you count the year I did the 5K). He had asked a couple of us about it around a month ago, and I suggested early September or late August. They have picked September 21st to hold it. So much for my opinion. Of course I missed the meeting so I guess its my fault. Then again I probably would of kept opinion to myself. I have 2 problems with the half idea in general. First they are planning to use same course has the other half. Its such a great park and they could have better options why not show off the park more and give it something different. Secondly, I think they could of done a better date. You have a winter half why not go summer?? End of August?? And the closest marathon to the Youngstown area is Akron Marathon on September 27th. If they did it right would of been a good training run. Has it is now I think you basically elimanate alot of fall marathoners. Ok I am done ranting about it. I think I will just not worry about it and do my thing. I just think its got alot possiblities but dont think he's getting it started off right. Ok now im done. I think. No guarantees.

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