Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quest for 50

I completed my week with 51.6 miles. I set out this week to make it to 50 miles and I was able to break it with a rest day even. I had it in my head I needed to make it to 50 miles, seemed like a good number. I still feel it was a quality week. First, I got more miles then I ever did before. Secondly, I got in a 20 mile long run at Mill Creek park, plenty of hills. And thirdly, a tempo run on Wednesday went well.
This year my training has been different then last year.
  • More MPW this year during training.
  • An 18 week plan over 16 last year.
  • Less speedwork in the form of intervals. Mostly Yasso 800's last year
  • More long runs. 3 20 milers planned this year over 2 last year.
  • Tempo runs. I need to check but dont think I did them last year.
  • I toped out last year at 43 miles. I have been over that 3 times now.

With 5 weeks till marathon, 2 weeks still I start my taper I just hope for 2 more good weeks. I think I jumped miles a bit this week, so next week will do a slight cutback week and try to get in the 30-35 range. The week after that I hope to be in the 45-50 range before I start taper.

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