Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A good run

I went to Buhl park to do 3 loops around park, 2.5 mile loop. I had considered some speedwork of some sort then decided if I could do it in marathon pace I would be doing good since I was still sore from Sundays long run. I shouldn't still be sore from 20 miles should I?? Yea right. Any ways, I would need to do a 9:45 pace to do at marathon pace and with the big hill there wouldnt be that easy. I started off about right or a little slow, lap one in 24:31. Second loop I picked up a little and got it in 24:00. Going good so far. Third and final loop got up the big hill and just tryed to hold the pace rest of the way. And I finished last loop in 23:34. Overall I thought it was a pretty good run on a beautiful sunny day!

I updated my race schedule. I am tentatively doing Akron Marathon. Alot if it has to do with how Cleveland goes. I have a few other races I definitely plan to do. A couple of 5K's I always do and The Presque Isle Half is becoming a regular event. If I do Akron, theres a series of four 5K races on Wednesday evenings during summer and I was going to use them for speed work. Nice theory huh? But I could change my plans and just give up running and racing. Or go back to being a 5K addict. Or just run enough to irratate Donna. Hard to say for sure.

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