Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quest for 50

This week I felt like I had another good week of training. 35.5 miles overall with a long run of 11 miles which is what I had planned and it went well. Did a tempo run on thursday that went well. Ran a 3 mile race, that was a strong effort. So I feel things are going good. (knock on wood)

I keep thinking I need to top out at 50 miles. Not sure why 50 but its the number I keep thinking I need to run in marathon training. I have no idea why but its the number I picked. I figure I have 2 more realistic chances for it while training for Cleveland. I have 2 more 20 milers planned next sunday the 13th and Sunday the 27th. With a 20 miler means I need 30 miles on the other 6 days. Now the most I have ever run in a week is 43.2 so it will be a bigger then I should do increase in mileage according to the 10% rule. But I think I can get it. And I can do the next week has a small cutback week. Then do another good week before I start taper. Now can I carry out my plan...............

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